JOSO stands for joy-of-standing-out. We are Betty and Felicitas, two friends that share a passion for color, nature and fashion. A happy incident in the summer of 2019, a trip to Mexico, where we discovered its colorful and bright culture led to the creation of Joso.

We draw inspiration from the beauty of mother nature’s endless pallette. Whether a golden yellow, a lush green or a deep-sea blue, each and every piece reflects our love for everything the sun touches!

As part of our philosophy each item is handmade with care. We work together with talented artisans around the world to create unique pieces that will make anyone stand out. JOSO designs are meant to be worn every day to radiate a little joy and funk wherever you go! So whether it be a barefoot walk in the grass, a lovely picnic with friends, or a sun-kissed day at the beach, JOSO will always brighten up your day.

“We envision a world filled with color, uniqueness and joy”